Jetpack is the crappiest WP plugin ever!

Jetpack f*cked it up! Big time!
If you’re running a WordPress site, then you better stay away from that plugin or you might find your blog suddenly messed up. Here’s what happened to me today.


This morning I opened up my blog and all post images (aka featured images) were displayed fully sized instead of resized before the beginning of the posts on the front page. I checked the settings of my template to make sure I haven’t changed anything by chance last night. Everything was as it was supposed to be.
After checking several other things I found out that the past images were delivered from a WordPress server, like… and not from my server, like… This is typically an indication, that the so called Photon CDN from Automattic (the WordPress makers) has taken over the delivery of my images.
But Photon was NOT activated in the Jetpack settings! It highjacked silently my post images without prior notice although it was explicitly deactivated! Holly crap!

What ever I tried to regain the right delivery of the post images didn’t work. As I final consequence I deactivated Jetpack fully and kicked it out from my installation. Go to hell and never come back!


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