Mixed Tape #61 is out.

The new Mixed Tape #61 compilation from Mercedes-Benz has been released and is available as free  download and I’m happy to add the latest compilation to my other 60 (yes, I got them all!). Since #59 the compilation can be downloaded as as single mp3 file from Soundcloud or you subscribe for it via iTunes.
That’s somewhat pity, as I liked the previous download zip-bundle containing the single mp3 files plus ad CD cover as PDF better for setting up mixes and playlists. But hey, It’s great music for free!

Here’s the tracklist:

01. Dutch Uncles “Accelerate”

02. All We Are “Honey”

03. Queensuitcase “Bang!”

04. GRRL PAL “Nght”

05. Kučka “Divinity”

06. Petite Noir “Chess”

07. Embassylights “2080s Song”

08. Maximilian Hecker “Kastrup”

09. The Elwins “So Down Low”

10. Asha Ali “Go The Distance”


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