Mixed Tape #62 is out.

The brand new Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape #62 compilation with ten sunny tracks is available for download. Grab it!
As posted before, MB continues to publish the compilation as a single mp3 file on Soundcloud and via iTunes subscription.
For single tracks you need to create an account in the mercedes.me portal, but there the tracks will be made available a few weeks later.
Certainly, is no option for me :-).

The track list:

01. Bleu Toucan “Coco”

02. De Lux “Center of L.U.B.”

03. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin “Step Brother City”

04. Maribou State “Rituals”

05. Portal Bat “Slash Bang”

06. The Helio Sequence “Upward Mobility”

07. Marian Hill “Lips”

08. Rainer “Marry”

09. GGOOLLDD “Younger Days”

10. JM Airis “Dependents”


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