Sonos 6.4 bringt verbesserte Bedienung von Playlists, Queues und Gruppierungen.

Das neue Release der sonos Controller App bringt eine reihe längst fälliger Verbesserungen mit, die das Abspielen von einzelnen Songs, Playlisten oder Queus stark vereinfacht und beschleunigt. So reicht jetzt einmal tippen auf einen Song, um ihn zu starten. Aber auch das Gruppieren von Räumen für einen “nahtlosen Musikgenuß” wurde vereinfacht.

Tap to Play
Tap a song or playlist, it starts instantly. No need to select Play Now or Play Next.

Instant, Non-stop Next
Start any song from an album, playlist or your Queue. When it ends, your Sonos will immediately continue with whatever’s next.

Build your own queue
No worries you can still build your own queue and carefully select each and every song. Tap the *** on the song, album or playlist and pick Play Next or Add to End of Queue.

Save the queue
Play something new and the queue will be replaced. However, when the queue is edited, you’ll get a prompt when you want to play something new. You can either cancel and save the queue or go ahead and play it anyway.

Quicker Access to Play All and Shuffle
You’ll now find these controls at the top of your app’s Album or Playlist View screen. Tap Play All to enjoy the whole track list, start to finish. Tired of the same old, same old? Hit Shuffle Allfor a random mix up.

Room Grouping Simplified
Want to send that playlist you’re enjoying in the living room over to the kitchen? If you’ve got different songs playing in different rooms, you’ll get a prompt to make sure you send the right song to the right room. That way your music never stops.

Triple Tap for instant replay.
Tap the Play/Pause button on your speaker three times. This restarts the previous song in your Queue. (If you have one of our new PLAY:5 speakers, just swipe left over the touch controls. Same result.) Please note: Triple Tap works with your Queue, but not when you’re listening to radio stations.

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