My current EDC.

My Every Day Carry (EDC) underwent some more or less greater changes in the last few months. The main objective for me was to keep it as lean and lightweight as possible and to reduce it to the really necessary and essential stuff. This is what I carry today.

The leather money clip wallet from Braun Büffel is the perfect wallet for me, as it provides enough inserts to chuck in my credits cards, ID, driving license, etc.,contains a securely tightening clip for notes and is yet hardly bulging my pants or my jackets.
The same applies for the Keysmart key holder, which entails my keys, a thumb drive and a short USB-to-Lightning cable like a Swiss Army knife. This keychain charger and the small and lightweight powerbank, which was a freebie from Brax, do a great job in case no power socket or USB port are in reach for charging my iPhone or headset (The Lumia 530 is just my company phone…and I won’t comment on that.)
Since I wear the Back Beat GO bluetooth headset for listening to my favorite podcasts or tunes, no one tangled up the cords again and ripped off my ears while pushing into the jammed train and bus in the morning or the evening.

All other stuff, like a tiny flashlight or the Leatherman tool for smaller ad hoc repairs are stuffed in my messenger bag, which I carry now for several years and which I love every year even more because of the used and worn look of the leather.

Regarding my watch: No, I don’t wear a smart watch (yet). I love automatic watches and I have a few of them which receive various wrist times – depending on mood, season or occasion.



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